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Visit Decibels In Motion Website!!

Decibels In Motion is a 365 Radio Network Show that spotlights independent artists being airplayed on the network. This show is a unique show in that it offers information about each artist, including where to find the individual bands/artists and some show information as well if applicable. Decibels In Motion is hosted by J.L.Hensley and Produced by co owner Sully McFly. Decibels In Motion airs weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm est on all 11 network stations. Bands selected to air on Decibels In Motion must be selected for airplay on The 365 Radio Network. If wanting to be selected and spotlighted for Decibels In Motion, the first step is to submit your music to Decibels in motion is currently copyrighted in over 163 countries.

Visit Shake Da Cage Website!!

Shake Da Cage is a new show coming very soon to the 365 Radio Network. It will be a live 3 hour show with live interviews and the opportunity for live performances by the artists. It will be a all rock genre format show with a segment for new bands recently added to our network. It will provide other unique aspects to the show format as well. Shake Da Cage is currently copyrighted in over 164 countries.

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  1. Jlhensley says:

    Leave us a comment and let us know what you think or if you passed thru. Thanks

  2. So good to see you already added me and my music to Indie spotlight :D #love & #respect !!
    keep up the wicked vibes \,,/ Marianne a.k.a Cozmicsoulfire

  3. Kevin Zen says:

    What you are achieving with the 365 radio network is awesome and the way it is spreading to more and more stations is truly inspiring. Thanks for all exposure you are giving independent musicians in what is becoming an increasingly difficult world.
    Rock on!
    Kevin Zen

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for all the support you give to CORE CRITICAL and all the other great Indie bands out there. You ROCK! :-)

  5. Davi says:

    Not just about Ohio bands and artists….but all indie artist, bands from U.S.A and World. Great Indie Radio…!!! Have a “GREAT NEW YEAR” everybody!!!!!

  6. Danny Vash says:

    Well Done professional website.
    INDIE TUBE TV Rocks!
    \m/ Danny Vash & Nite Wolf

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